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Green Mountain Barrel Racing Rules


Under Vermont Law, an equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities that are obvious and necessary, pursuant to 12 V.S.A. § 1039.



Please read through this entire section of rules.  GMBR will be following NBHA rules unless otherwise noted below.  If you have questions regarding any of these rules please don't hesitate to ask. Questions can be emailed to Sue Jobst at stice00@gmail.com or Bill Superneau at bill@ridgefieldranch.com.  Any questions regarding NBHA rules can be found by clicking on the NBHA link above. GMBR maintains the last word in regards to all the rules of the shows and the right to make changes to these rules at any time without notice. No Green Mountain Barrel Racing (GMBR) Member shall have any right to act on behalf of GMBR or be involved in the management or control of GMBR. In addition, no Member shall be entitled to consent, approve or vote on any matter with respect to the GMBR business and affairs, unless specifically granted that right by GMBR. 


Entry Rules / Payouts:

  • Negative coggins within one year and rabies within one year are required.

  • All of our shows are open to everyone. You do not need to be a member of NBHA or GMBR to run.

  • Exhibitions are $5 each and paid at the office . There is a 4 run one-minute per run time limit. 

  • There will be no rider substitutions. Horse substitutions are allowed.

  • Pre-entries are encouraged but not mandatory. Sign ups will be accepted right up until one hour before the first horse runs in that class.

  • Any entries that are not paid or paid in full will not be given a number to run.

  • A $5 fee will be subtracted from each GMBR class entry before calculating the final payout..  These fees will be allocated to year-end awards.

  • An $10 fee will be subtracted from each NBHA class entry before calculating the final payout, except the NBHA Novice class, which will have $5 deducted.  These fees will be allocated toward the host fee / facility rental cost as well as local and State NBHA awards.

  • Lil Wrangler will receive prizes with no payouts  

  • For all classes GMBR and NBHA there is a 70% to 80% payback, with 100% of the added money.

  • A W9 is required to be on file with GMBR for all contestants who earn money before checks can be mailed. W9 forms will be available and can be completed at the show. Payouts will be in the form of a check. If we do not have your social security number on file we cannot and will not send you your winnings. If no SS/W9 is given with in 30 days from the end of the show, the winnings  are forfeited.

  • All payouts will be mailed within 2 weeks after the last day of the event. 

  • All classes will be a 4D payout format and placing will be based on # of entries in that class as per NBHA guidelines, except Pole Bending which will be a 3D payout format with a 2 second split and Lil Wranglers and Novice which will be 1D.

Lil Wranglers:

  • This division is intended to be an introductory division for this age group. Fun, Safety and Fairness is our main objective here.

  • Lil Wranglers are NOT allowed to enter both the 4D Youth and Lil Wranglers.  

  • Lil Wranglers is meant for all kids 8 years old and under as of January 1 of that competition year. It is meant to give a rider of age 8 years old and younger a fun, safe place to run, gain confidence and get better.

  • All Lil Wranglers must be in complete control of their horse at all times or may be disqualified by management for their own safety and the safety of others at the show. 

  • Parents / helpers are allowed and encouraged to be in the ring while their Lil Wrangler is running. Lead lines are encouraged if needed to maintain control at all times.

  • Any Lil Wrangler who's times would qualify them in the 4D Open may be asked to move up by management before the next race and will no longer be allowed to enter the Novice class for the following season.

  • GMBR reserves the right to move any rider out of Lil Wrangler at any show based on his or her times.  Any Lil Wrangler that runs an Open 4D time will keep their Lil Wrangler points for that race. The decision to move a rider into the Open class will required them to compete in Open 4D (or Youth) for all future races. Additional entry fees may be required for the next race.  Points earned to date will remain in the Lil Wrangler class.

  • The Lil Wrangler moving into the Open class does not have to become a member to run in the Open unless he or she wishes to acquire points and possible year end awards in the Open class. In such case the Lil Wrangler moving into the Open class will need to become a NBHA member and pay the NBHA Membership fee before the next race begins.


  • This division is intended to be an introductory division for riders of all ages. Fun, Safety and Fairness is our main objective here. 

  • Novice class riders are those riders of any age who are new to the sport. It is meant to give a rider of any age a safe place to run, gain confidence and get better.

  • All Novice riders must be in complete control of their horse at all times or may be disqualified by management for their safety and the safety of others at the show. 

  • A Novice rider who's times would qualify them in the 4D Open may be asked to moved up by management before the next race and will no longer be allowed to enter the Novice class for the following season. 

  • GMBR reserves the right to move any rider out of Novice at any show based on his or her times.  Any Novice that runs an Open 4D time will keep their Novice points for that season and race. The decision to move a rider into the Open class will required them to compete in Open 4D (or Youth, Senior, or Middle) for all future races. Additional entry fees may be required for the next race. Points earned to date will remain in the Novice class.

  • The Novice rider moving into the Open class does not have to become a NBHA member to run in the Open or Middle classes unless he or she wishes to acquire points and possible year end awards. In such case the Novice rider moving into the Open class will need to become a NBHA member and pay the NBHA Membership fee before the next race begins.


NBHA State Finals & Year End District Award Qualifications:​​

  • No minimum show qualification to participate at the VT NBHA State Finals races.

  • Points earned during State Finals races, excluding the short go, will count toward year-end awards.

  • Further details about State Finals will be announced separately during season and are subject to change. 

  • All riders must maintain active NBHA membership status throughout the entire season to qualify for the respective year-end awards

  • Attend a minimum of 10 of the regular NBHA VT01 shows (5 doubleheaders) and earn a minimum of 10 points in any division to be eligible for year end awards.  

  • Placings will be determined first based on highest number of points.  If there is a tie-breaker for points, it will be settled first by the number of shows attended and then on money earned.

  • As the NBHA World Championships are based on a 5D payout format, points will be recalculated specifically for World Qualifications after the last show.

  • A annual Club Membership fee of $25 for Lil Wranglers and $50 for Novice, must be purchased and shall be for the sole purpose of qualification for year-end awards. There is no minimum show qualifications for Lil Wranglers and Novice for Year end awards.

Stalls & RV Sites:

  • All riders are required to pay for their stalls and RV site immediately upon entering the grounds. Do not unload first!

  • Stalls are $30 for per night, with shavings available to buy at the show at $6 per bag. Upon payment of your stall, you will receive a stall band that must be placed on your stall doors.  Any stall that does not have a band on it will be assessed a fine of $25 in addition to the stall fee, due to GMBR and omitted from any payouts due or will be due upon sign up at the next show.

  • All stalls and areas in front of the stalls are to be completely cleaned out before departure. For any stall found to be in unsatisfactory condition will be assessed a fine of $25 and will be due to GMBR and omitted from any payouts due or will be due upon sign up at the next show.  All riders are encouraged to bring tools needed to clean up their own stalls. A container for manure will be located on site on the day of the show. All manure from each stall must be put in the designated container. 

  • Riders are strongly encouraged to pre-pay for stalls as GMBR will assign stalls on a first come first serve basis. 

  • Your trailer area must be clean prior to departure.  For any trailer area found to be in unsatisfactory condition, a fine of $25 will be due and omitted from any payouts due or will be due upon sign up at the next show. 

  • Overnight tie outs are not allowed. All horses spending the night must have a stall unless stalls are not available. No exceptions. 

  • Dry camping is $10 per night.

  • RV sites are $30 per night with an additional $5 for sewer hook ups.

  • Upon payment of the RV site you will receive a band to place on the front end of your trailer.  Any trailer without a band in the RV area will be unplugged and charged $25 in addition to the RV fee due to GMBR. 

  • All RV sites are to be completely clean before departure.  For any RV site found to be in unsatisfactory condition, a fine of $25 will be due to GMBR and omitted from any payouts due or will be due upon sign up at the next show.

  • CVE RV dump station will cost $15 for each use and can be purchased at the GMBR office.

  • No horses are to be tied to the trailers in the RV parking area.

  • No horses are to warm up in the RV parking area.  There are designated warm-up areas.  

  • No generators in the RV/Camping/Stall/Barn area.

  • Stall, Shavings and RV terms and fees may vary depending on venue requirements

Arena Rules:

  • We run rain or shine!

  • No Glass of any sort in the arena or warm-up area.

  • All dogs/pets must be contained and on a leash at all times while at the show. 

  • Riders may run to the left or the right and must complete the pattern in a constant forward motion to receive a time.

  • Tractor will drag every 5 entries with big drags at 50. Water will be applied to the arena every 50 or 100 entries at the show producers discretion to keep the ground as safe and consistent as possible. 

  • A barrel or pole knocked down in any or all divisions of the race will result in a no time.

  • If a timer malfunction occurs and rider will be offered a rerun.

  • Re-runs for other reasons besides timer malfunctions are given at the show producer and manager's discretion. No re-runs for tack malfunctions or missing your turn.

  • Riders must check in at the gate at least 5 to 10 riders before their run.

  • A rider will get 3 gate calls. After the 3rd gate call, the rider will be considered not present and will be noted as a turn out. There will be no refund of entry money.

  • There is a 2-minute gate time once your name is called to run. The horse and rider must be checked in with the gate judge. If the rider has not checked in and the 2-minute limit is exceeded, the rider will be disqualified. 

  • Before the 2-minute time limit starts extra time may be given, at the announcers discretion, for riders and horses that have checked in, are mounted and ready to go. The 2-minute count will start once the announcer feels enough time has passed and calls out that the 2 minute clock has started.

  • Automatic disqualification occurs if you run out of order, unless it is a staff error or you are specifically told to go out of order by a show official.

  • A rider must be in complete control over their horse at all times. Any horse deemed out of control by show producer and or manager puts a unnecessary risk to its rider, our show insurance, other participants and spectators alike and will not be allowed to participate in any event until such time when the rider can prove they have control. 

  • Any rider that hits the gate may be disqualified by show officials. Disqualifications at the show officials discretion.  Multiple offenses may result in disqualification for the day. No refunds for anyone that gets disqualified.


  • All abuse of other participants, horses, animals or kids, or foul language will not be tolerated on the grounds. Riders may not be allowed to participate in the rest of the show as a cool down period or may be asked to leave the grounds completely. Immediate disqualification from the class / event should be expected by those at fault with no refunds.

  • Any harassment (including social media) of secretary, timer, barrel setters, tractor drivers, gate help, stall help, and others involved with the show will not be tolerated and can result in disqualification from show with no refunds.  All members are expected to maintain the code of ethics at all times!

  • To prevent any such instances where abuse could occur it is asked that if a rider has a horse that doesn't load confidently that it does not attend a GMBR show until it can do so.  

Competitor Dress Code:  To enhance the image of our sport, GMBR encourages and promotes the following dress code:   

  • NBHA dress code must be adhered to. This includes a long-sleeved Western shirt with collar and a western hat. Shirt-sleeves must be rolled down and buttoned or snapped. Shirt-tails must be tucked in. A GMBR shirt will be allowed as a dress down. Long pants and boots with a heel and a hat or helmet are required (dress code subject to change).

  • No hat fines will be assessed for losing your hat in the arena.

  • All disputes over dress code will be decided by GMBR. 


Policy On Returned Checks:

There will be an automatic $45.00 fee for each time a check is returned. The party that wrote the bounced check will have five (5) calendar days to pay their fees along with the $45.00 returned check fee. Should the party still be delinquent after the five (5) day grace period, the contestant bouncing the check or the member or members for which the check was written will be placed on suspension and will not receive points for the show for which the check was written as well as any shows they may attend while they are on suspension. If restitution is not made within thirty (30) days of the date of the check, the member/person will lose ALL points and be placed on a suspended list until payment is made. Lost points will not be reinstated.  Any individual who presents a returned check will be restricted from participating until the check and fine is paid and will be on a CASH only basis going forward with Green Mountain Barrel Racing



GMBR has a 24 hour waiting period for complaints / disputes not related to show results. If after 24 hours anyone who has a complaint or dispute and still feels the need to bring it to light is asked to put it down in writing and email it to GMBR. All concerns will be addressed in a timely manner after the show.  


Code of Conduct:

As a participant of the Green Mountain Barrel Racing event, you are representing GMBR, NBHA and any other participating partnerships. Anyone not it good standing with any, District, Association, Club or Partnership, even if not affiliated with GMBR, will not be allowed to compete at any GMBR events. GMBR expects everyone to represent barrel racing with such code of ethics and standards as set forth under NBHA rules.  Show Management retains the right to terminate any participant with no refund, in either a particular event or for the entire event or for the entire year, for any participant whose actions create an unsafe condition, negative behavior, cruelty or conduct for themselves or others or their mount. Any such actions will result in future refusal of entries. All participants are prohibited from posting commentary content, or images that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libelous, or disparaging toward GMBR, NBHA, other partnerships, its officers and staff as well as all active and non active members. Anyone found in violation of the rules and/or are caught bashing, slandering or making negative comments about a person, venue, association, director or club, either directly or indirectly, on social media or in person may not be allowed to enter and may have their memberships revoked and / or be required to forfeit any points accumulated for year-end awards and / or all of the above. Our objective is to have a club, association, venue that is respectable and professional and any deviation from that objective will not be tolerated.

Photographs taken at the show: 

Please view and purchase your photographs on the Photographer’s website.  GMBR is not affiliated with the show Photographer.  Please show your support and respect to the photographer.  Do not copy and share these photographs with the watermark prior to purchasing your pictures. This is called Copyright Infringement and is illegal. You will be responsible for the cost of the photo if GMBR or NBHA see any Copyright Infringements.  This behavior will not be tolerated and could result in consequences at GMBR discretion.   

Acknowledgment / Liability Waiver:

The following liability waiver will be included on all entry forms and is required to be signed by all participants competing:



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